You and me, against the pricks. Are you with me?

my name is lorena i'm seventeen and i live in southern california.

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so i was looking at the terms for transferring into georgetown and getting accepted by transferring means i can’t travel abroad. this might be a deal breaker. oh fuck me! i just want to study in the east coast and travel, is that too much to ask for? 

ahh okay after spending about an hour drowning in the disappointment and failure in my life; i have conjured up my plan to attend the school of my dreams. i’ll work my ass off at ucsb for two years and hopefully transfer to georgetown. i want to go there so badly it hurts. i am a person on a mission and nothing is going to stop me. okay i feel better now. 

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daniel richter

daniel richter

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the bae

the bae

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(by Emmanuel Rosario)

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